Getting started

More information on where to being.

Current and Future State Technology Assessment

Providing you a strong foundation to build a technology company. Assess where you are today and where you can go in the near future.

Software Architecture, Design, and Analysis

Based on the requirements we will provide you a specification of architecture, common patterns, and suggestions on how to proceed with development

Software Specification

Requirements engineering

Identification of the requirements of the software product and the limitations within the system which the software will operate, develop, or can evolve.

Software Product Management and Evolution

Receive direction on moving your product forwards. Typically in a product owner manner we will provide insight in capturing more revenue as well as paths forward with new features.


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Gare Tech - Software Consulting: Analysis, Design, and Architecture

CUSTOMER testimonial

Software analysis, design, and architecture

"Gare Tech was quickly able to give us a Current State Technology Assessment, which told us what we received from the contractors and gave us insights on how to move forwards. Which was a much needed relief in comparison to where we started."

Tom Urban CEO of ChimScan